Indoor aquariums are a great addition to your home for a number of reasons. They add an extra element to your décor, they are fun to stock and maintain and they can be very calming to watch. But have you thought about where the best place would be for an aquarium in your home, and what things do you need to take into consideration?

The Best Place For An Aquarium

There are a few main points to look at if you are thinking of installing an aquarium in your home, and where the best place to put it would be.

Regular Temperature

Most fish are sensitive when it comes to fluctuating water temperature, so when considering where to place your aquarium this needs to be taken into consideration. The location should be away from windows or direct sunlight, as well as air conditioners, radiators or fireplaces. Fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight also encourage algae growth which is a no-no when it comes to aquarium health.

Fish Stress

Fish are sensitive creatures and scare easily. Stressed fish are more prone to death and disease than happy fish, so place your aquarium away from TV sets, loudspeakers and any other noise sources if possible. Also, consider locations away from doors that could frighten fish when opening and closing.

Weighing The Options

Make sure that the surface you are placing your aquarium on is designed to hold the full weight of the tank, including water and tank décor such as rocks and plants. The tank must also be perfectly level, as uneven aquariums will crack easily. If you are placing your aquarium on the floor, make sure it is in a corner so as to avoid being kicked or have unwanted objects fall into it. A low traffic location is best, as it still allows the aquarium to be enjoyed and monitored but avoids potential damage and hazards.

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