Creating a beautiful garden is easy when you include a fountain or pond. Either one of these can be a great addition, however it is important to know how to look after them properly. Discover the fountain and pond accessories that you need in order to maintain them properly.

Your garden is probably an extension of your house in regards to the overall aesthetics. Choices have been made to provide your garden with landscaping that is complementary to the house itself. You have included the sought after swimming pool and are now wanting to have a fountain or pond, or maybe both. Just like a pool, these two features require the proper maintenance. Which is why it is so very important to get the right fountain and pond accessories.

Firstly, if you have a pond then you need to understand one thing, it is a very fragile eco-system. The pond will contain plant life and even fish. If you were to put in the wrong cleaning chemicals you could do some serious harm to its fragile eco-system. The first accessory that you need is the correct treatment. The treatment will keep the pond clean while not harming your plant or fish life in anyway. You will also need to consider the way in which you are going to clean the pond more thoroughly. The treatment can help to maintain balance, but a more full on clean will be required once in a while. This can be achieve by using another important accessory, the pond vacuum. This vacuum works in the same way as a normal household one, except it will suck up algae and other dirty elements in the pond, rather than dust. It has been designed specifically to go into water and it is important to note that you cannot use a normal household vacuum to clean the pond.

Fountain accessories are not only practical but can also make them more visually appealing. Your fountain will send cascades of water rolling down it every single day, at night these cascades may not be visible. Showing them off is easily achieved by getting fountain lights installed. There are many different colours and sizes to choose from, which will help you find the perfect fit. Some lights are even good for the environment and are available in solar powered LED forms. If you are in the market for fountain and pond accessories then you need to know what can assist in maintaining them in the long run.

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You may not be the most clued up person when it comes to the right way to handle your water features. This does not mean that you cannot have them in your garden, it just means that you may need to seek the advice of the professionals. Here at Pool Spa & Filtration we can provide you with the expert knowledge you need. Visit our website to find out more.