There’s no question that the range of mosaic tiles for swimming pools these days is extraordinary. A far cry from the compulsory checked-hue-of-blue mosaics that became the measure of when the water evaporation called for topping up the pool, the world of mosaics is a veritable Disneyland waiting to enchant. Mosaic tiles are considered a premium finish for pools these days.

The Pros of Mosaic Tiles

From mermaids and dolphins to octopus and seahorses, mosaics certainly add decorative and ascetic value to swimming pools. There are now whole scenes available to fascinate bathers with a world of discovery below the surface.

Practicality is also serviced by mosaic pool tiles in that one can place non-slip mosaics where it matters. Steps are one area and shallow areas are another. To bring attention to built-in pool benches is yet another area where mosaic tiles are regularly used to good effect. Similarly, water features can be enhanced with clever visual effects using mosaic tiling.

Today’s glass mosaic tiles can create a vanishing edge for your pool. They create a seamless look that appears to blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Why not have a ‘wow’ factor for your prize investment?

The Cons of Mosaic Tiles

Often white or calcium deposits build up on the mosaics. Whatever the cause – be it efflorescence from the grouting or a calcium issue in the water, it is not easy to rectify without throwing off the pH balance of the whole pool.

The expansion and contraction of the pool from the weight of the water can cause the grout to loosen and the tiles to loosen in turn, and even fall off.

Be aware that direct and indirect sun bouncing off the tiles can cause a blinding effect. No one wants to go swimming if you can’t see. This aspect is especially a concern when glass mosaics are chosen.

Weighing up the Mosaic Tile Tale

All in all, though largely a matter of style and taste, there are very practical reasons for making use of mosaic tiles in a swimming pool. Swimming pools can become distinct water features all year round with aquarium effects and scenery afforded by today’s range of mosaic tiles. It’s up to you – go minimalist or go all out but mosaic tiles could very well make or break the monotony level of your pool.