Keeping your pond clean and finding the right balance between plants, fish, and other living organisms can be a full time job.

However, adding a rather clever piece of equipment to your pond cleaning system can make all the difference. A UV Pond Sterilizer may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Ultraviolet light has been used extensively in a variety of industries for sterilization. For example, the medical field uses UV light to sterilize equipment, and even our drinking water has been subjected to UV rays to make it safe. Wise pond and aquarium owners over the past few years have found it beneficial for algae control.

So how does a UV pond sterilizer work?

A correctly sized UV sterilizer allows pond water to flow the housing, exposing it to UV light. This effectively kills off bacteria and other microscopic organisms that could be harmful to your fish as the water flows through.
But won’t the UV light kill off all the good bacteria in the pond?

In short, no. At the correct size and flow rate, the UV pond sterilizer reduces the bacteria in your pond water, but will not eliminate it entirely. There will always be good bacteria in your biological filter, on the pond liner, and elsewhere in the water, and this remains largely unaffected. This allows for beautifully clean and clear water.

However, installing a sterilizer does not mean that you don’t need a filter. A biological pond filter fulfils a different function, breaking down the ammonia produced by fish, as well as other dead organisms. These two systems, correctly installed, work hard to maintain the correct levels in your pond, allowing your fish and plants to thrive.

If you have questions as to which is the best pond filtration and UV sterilization system for your pond, we’d love to hear from you.
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