Water Feature Design

Create Your Own Wonderland with Water Feature Design and Installation From Pool Spa & Filtration

There are very few people who don’t appreciate the beauty of a verdant expanse of lawn, the gently nodding flowers in carefully turned beds, and the whisper of ancient trees in a garden. Of course, those of us with green fingers simply thrive on our time outdoors as we create a fairy-tale setting for our families. What could we possibly add to nature’s perfection?


How Water Features Complement Our Space

The sight, sound and smell of a water feature adds a sparkle of magic to any space. Falling water has been attributed with healing powers, and the trickle of water over stones is well-known as a therapeutic sound for tired souls.

The water feature design that you choose depends entirely on you: Does it need to highlight another feature, add some fun to a swimming pool, or perhaps add character to a pond?

What Water Feature Designs are Available?

We understand that each garden is unique, and each family uses their space differently. Taking this into account, we have a range of water features available which are sure to suit your design and your budget.

  • The classic cherubs or mermaids
  • Steel balls
  • Cascading buckets
  • Waterfalls
  • Stone features
  • “Wall” fountain
  • Vase
  • Stones
  • Variety of nozzles and lights

Alternatively, you can design your own water feature and we will happily assist with the installation.

Can a Water Feature Be Added to an Existing Pond?

Water features can be added to an existing pond, but only if they are stand alone designs. Generally speaking, anything that needs to be built into an existing pond can’t be done which means you will have to find a design that can suit the pond that you have.  Your fish are sensitive little creatures, and any major disruption may send them into shock.

Of course, if you are designing a new pond and you want a water feature installed then we can certainly assist you with advice, design, materials and installation.

Wonderful Water Features for Ponds and Pools

The sky is the limit when it comes to water feature designs, whether in your swimming pool or your pond. Add a calm trickle to a quiet place in the corner of your garden, a fun cascade into your pool for the kids to enjoy, or a stylish ornamental fountain outside your front door.

Whatever your choice, when it comes to water feature design and installation, talk to the professionals. We have decades of experience and can offer sound advice, brilliant service, and provide exactly what you need.