Having a beautifully maintained garden and outdoor swimming or entertainment area makes a difference to any home. During the summer months a lot of time is spent outdoors, especially by the pool and braai areas, so why not add a little bit more to your outdoor area by adding a water feature? Water features can be stand alone, or form part of the design of your pool – it all depends on what you feel will look best. If you have a reasonably sized garden, why not consider having a garden pond? Garden ponds add an extra feel of tranquillity and relaxation in any garden and you can fill them with aquatic plants and fish.

Water features

A water feature can change the outer appearance of your pool quite dramatically. If you have a pool that has been built close to the side of a wall, and if you have a more rustic garden between the paving of the pool and the wall, then maybe you should consider having a small rock water feature. The water features next to or built as part of the pool adds a calming waterfall effect. Most water features are built as part of the swimming pool and are almost fountain like in appearance – the materials used to build them are usually from the same material using for the paving around the pool so that it blends in. If you prefer your water feature as a stand-alone feature, you can have one that can form the focal point of your garden. What you need to make sure of is that whatever type of water feature you choose as a stand-alone, does not take up too much of your garden space.

Whichever type of water feature you decide to go for, know that you are not only making your property aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but you are adding value to your property.

Garden ponds

Having a garden pond can be a delight. You can fill it (but not too much) with aquatic plants and fish. Koi fish are suitable to have in a garden pond as well as water lilies. Garden ponds need to be in a place in the garden where there won’t be a lot of “foot traffic” as the last thing you need is to have someone falling in! Garden ponds are available in a lot of shapes and sizes, as with water features just make sure that the one you choose is not too big as you don’t want your whole lawn taken up with a garden feature! What is very popular at the moment is incorporating garden ponds with water features over swimming pools. This makes you feel like you are more than one with nature!

Let your outdoor area be a reflection of your personality – enjoy making the most of your garden and swimming pool areas.

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