There is something entirely satisfying and calming about watching water flow, especially when it streams over an interesting or beautiful surface – like one that shimmers and glints in the sunshine.

It is thus not surprising that spheres, created in a variety of both natural and man-made materials, have become highly sort after components of water features, as an interesting focal point for any home or garden.

Used individually, or coupled in varying shapes, designs and sizes to create unique sculptural forms, sphere balls can turn an otherwise fairly unassuming water feature into a piece of contemporary art.

In areas where no open water is wanted, a highly visual and tactile sphere water feature is the perfect solution. Water can be made to gently bubble from the top of the globe and cascade down its sides, running into a hidden reservoir, which then returns the water to the top of the sphere to keep the magic flowing.

Some sphere water features are self-contained with their own reservoirs, which means that there is no need to dig holes in your garden, making this type of water feature not only very easy to install, but it can be moved around until you find the optimum position for it.

Also available are spheres that are topped or tailed with concealed LED lights which serve to illuminate the cascading water, and add a tranquil glow to a night time setting.

Stunning Stainless Steel Spheres

A stainless steel sphere is not only striking to look at but the way the highly polished surface catches the light and reflects the world around it, adds a sense of movement and wonder to your home or garden which serves to delight and inspire all who visit.

Constructed from a highly durable grade of stainless steel, these spheres are both rust proof and water resistant which means that they can be enjoyed outdoors, all year round, for years to come.

Pool Spa and Filtration Supplies stocks a wide range of stainless steel spheres to suit any taste, or imaginative water feature design. Why not speak to one of our friendly experts about which sphere design would best suit your home or garden?