There is nothing more peaceful and tranquil then being in a well maintained garden. Nature has a way of soothing both body and mind and as we don’t always have the time to go to a park after work, take a sit or walk in your garden. Go an extra step by having a water feature in your garden. It has been proven that water is good for relaxation as there is nothing more soothing than listening to running water. In fact, a lot of therapists recommend that if you are highly stressed or emotional, you should have a small indoor water feature in your home to help alleviate your stress.

Make sure that you choose a water feature that will suit the outlay of your garden. If a water feature is too big, it will detract the focus from the rest of the garden and make your garden space smaller. Choose something that will complement the rest of your outdoor space. Having a two-tiered water feature is a fantastic focal point for the garden as the water is pumped through the top tier of the fountain and trickles down into the second tier. You will have the sound of running water all day long!

The common material for water features is concrete – it is strong and completely weather resistant. There are many different shapes and sizes of water features that you can choose from. If you are fond of the sea but cannot get there as often as you like, why not choose a dolphin water feature where the water squirts out of the mouth of the dolphin? With all the different options available, it will take you a long time to decide on the one that you want.

Another aspect of a water type feature is a bird bath. They are really low maintenance as all you have to do is brush out the old water every week and fill it up with clean water. The best part is that you will be attracting a certain amount of “wild-life” as it will attract the attention of birds. You will be able to turn your garden into the ultimate paradise of tranquillity!

What other water features can be had in a garden?

If you have a bigger garden, perhaps you should consider having a pond. The joys of having a pond is that you can have fish in the pond and some water lilies too. A pond will change the look of your garden instantly. Just make sure that the pond is kept clean as often as possible.

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