We all love the tranquility of nature – there is nothing more soothing to the soul than being outdoors amongst the trees and by running water whether it be a river or stream. As we all cannot have trees and streams in our gardens, why not consider adding water features? Water features add just that little bit of extra appeal to a garden as well as any outdoor arena’s and even shopping centres. Scientific studies have proven that running water has a soothing effect on the troubled mind, in fact it has been “prescribed” as a healing technique for people that suffer with anxiety.

Garden features are easy enough to have in your back yard. You can choose from one that is a natural rock formation or a made of cement in an artistic design, the choice is entirely yours. Go for garden features that will blend in with your garden landscape. For example, if your garden has more of a rustic, natural feel to it then garden features made from natural materials like rocks and stones would be a better option. If you have a more manicured garden with neat and tidy flower beds, then the route to take is more towards artistic and elaborate garden features.

Water features and garden features need not be only restricted to outdoor areas, try indoors as well. A small semi rock water feature or a small concrete or ceramic garden feature in the entranceway of a home will lend a very inviting atmosphere. If you have a small garden courtyard then add a little bit extra to the courtyard with a garden or water feature.

Water features at shopping centres

Have you ever noticed how many major shopping centres have water features? This is actually a very clever marketing ploy. The reason for this is due to the fact that water tends to have a calming effect and by have water features in malls, you are creating a calming effect on the customers which in turn leads to spending more time in the malls and spending more money! It also adds to the look and feel of malls.

Water features with the “wow” factor

Have you ever been privileged enough to see water features (water displays) in a public arena (a park or a man-made dam)? If not then you should definitely consider making a plan too as the displays are breathtaking. To make a water display more appealing to the public, lights are included in the actual show and when the lights shine through the water it makes for an absolutely magical experience!

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