In recent years with focus turning firmly to going green, and away from chemicals, alternative options for water filtration have been on the rise. One of the best options when looking for a chemical-free way to clean and maintain pools and ponds are biofilters.

While using live plants to clean your water may still appeal to you, if that is not the way you wish to go then consider using biofilters. These are a great way of cleaning water using naturally occurring bacteria to filter out the polluting materials. These filters use what is called bio media, which consists of materials such as sponges, brushes, plastic tubes and balls among others, all housed in a box-type container.

This surface creates a means of trapping small particles and a platform on which the bacteria can grow naturally. This creates a filtration system as the bacteria convert the waste products into less polluting materials.

Benefits of Bio Filters

There are many advantages to using biofilters for your water purification needs. Other than the obvious option to go green, biofilters are also more energy-efficient and therefore more cost-effective to use.

Another reason to opt for a biofilter, especially in a swimming pool is that you are no longer subject to harsh pool chemicals on your skin and in your eyes. What is not to love about a sparkling clean pool that is also gentle on your skin?

Other Uses For Bio Filters

While swimming pools and fish ponds may what you are considering your biofilter for, many people are also using them for the treatment of greywater and wastewater purification. If you are looking for a way to recycle your grey or wastewater, you will need to consider some kind of purification process, and biofilters are the way to go.

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