With the blazing summer days retreating behind us, we turn our attention to keeping our swimming pools warmer so we can use them that little bit longer. In no time at all that water will be icy and uninviting and that’s just no fun at all.

The energy costs required to heat a swimming pool are becoming prohibitive, but thankfully there is another way.

Solar pool covers are a cost-effective way to warm up your water without breaking the bank. Here’s how they work.

Solar pool covers are beautifully simple. They act as a blanket on your swimming pool that:

  1. Slows down water evaporation
  2. Traps existing heat in the water and
  3. Magnifies the sun’s energy to heat the pool water faster

A solar pool cover sits atop the water and reduces evaporation. Science tells us that as water evaporates it cools the surrounding water molecules, thereby reducing the overall temperature of the pool.

Also, when we top up the pool from the garden hose to replace the evaporated volume, this new water requires time and energy to bring it up to the same temperature.

Just like a blanket will help to maintain the heat of our bodies, so a solar blanket helps to maintain the pool’s existing temperature.

Any of us who have spent time in a greenhouse or conservatory knows how the glass walls and ceiling seem to magnify the heat from the sun. Well, a solar cover does just this and then traps the heat in the water. A clear solar blanket will perform better than a coloured one in this instance, although the darker options tend to retain heat better.

There are several choices available to you if you’re looking for a solar pool cover. Why not take a few minutes to chat with the Pool Spa team who can guide you on what’s best for your home?