It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of installing a fountain in your backyard, a place to sit quietly and contemplate nature, but does the thought of the mission involved cause you some hesitation? Is your business considering a new commercial building which would benefit from the beauty of a fountain? Wouldn’t it be great to have a turnkey fountain solution, giving you peace of mind and alleviating a whole lot of hassle?

Why You Should Use One Company for your Turnkey Fountain Solution

By using one company for a turnkey solution, you generally avoid the glitches that have a way of grinding projects to a halt. A turnkey solution is specifically set up to put all the components required – detailed design and layout drawings as well as a bill of quantities etc. – in the hands of experienced professionals who know how to check all the necessary boxes.

5 Benefits of a Turnkey Solution

Clear Co-ordination

When there are different aspects involved in a project, attempting to get a simple design followed by the hiring of contractors and all of the other things involved can be painful and often eat away at your precious time.

At Pool Spa, we offer our clients expert advice from start to finish to ensure that the project you have in mind is exactly what you receive at the end of construction.

Steady Flow of Communication

A great advantage of a turnkey solution is peace of mind because too often having to get in touch with key individuals for certain aspects can become problematic and raise stress levels. Within a turnkey fountain solution framework, these concerns dissipate because you are dealing with ‘only one contractor’ which makes it much easier to manage. Steady flow communication also ensures that what follows will be your vision and not that of dis-jointed individuals and different companies.

Smooth Scalability

A shift in circumstances, because change is ever-present in all facets of life, has the potential to put a crimp in deadlines and can lead to a diminished focus on delivering quality. As long as everyone is kept in the loop, change can easily be adapted to and the cost can be minimised during the implementation of adjustments since these now fall under the responsibility of only one contractor.

Maintaining Quality Control

Adhering to the expectations of workmanship and materials go hand in hand. Constant supervision saves time and maintains quality work.


The most eye-catching reason to consider a turnkey fountain solution is when it helps to make the bottom line more inviting. Streamlining the processes and allowing the duties to be funnelled through a single company cuts the fat. In essence, it’s the equivalent of ‘buying in bulk’ where one investment covers all aspects of the project.

Pool Spa knows their stuff. With in-house assembly, exceptional supplier relationships and the support of the Supplies and Technology divisions, they offer a true turnkey fountain solution that meets global standards at Rand friendly prices. Chat to one of the friendly experts today. Visit us at