A sparkling pool in the middle of summer is great, but what about the decking around your pool? Does it get slippery as the day goes on? Or does it leave splinters in bare feet? Knowing the material that makes the safest pool surroundings is a great starting point to ensure that you have an incident-free summer around the pool.

The Safest Pool Surround Options

There are various options to choose from when you are looking at the area around your pool. While having an aesthetically pleasing pool deck is a bonus, using the safest pool surround material is vital to avoid a poolside incident.


Poured concrete is a top choice for poolside areas, and has been for years. It is non-slip when wet, and is durable and water-resistant. It can be poured in almost any shape that you require, and is relatively cost-effective.


Pavers are a nice alternative to concrete and can be bought in various shapes and sizes. Paving can also be a fun DIY project, just make sure that they are laid correctly otherwise uneven pavers could become a tripping hazard.


Another DIY option, bricks are another choice on the list of safest pool surrounds. Easy to lay, and easy to buy they lend a lovely older look to a pool while still being safe to walk on when wet.


Wooden decking around pools is beautiful, and if you use good quality wood there should be little risk of splintering or weathering. Just be aware that wood does need resealing and maintenance every few years.


If you are wanting a more elegant look, tile can be a nice option. Make sure that you use unglazed tiles as glazed will become very slippery and dangerous when wet.

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