Winter is the perfect time to do any pool upgrades you may be thinking about. There is ample opportunity to pimp your pool with less need to use during the winter months.

Every pool has a surround – this is what the area around your swimming pool is called. But what are the safest pool surrounds available? After all, a safe pool is a fun pool, right?

Pool Surround Considerations

We want our pool area to look great, but does that mean we have to compromise on safety? Absolutely not. There are plenty of materials used in pool design in South Africa that look great but are also safe around the pool. A few things to consider when looking at materials are:

  • Non-slip – many surfaces become slippery when wet
  • Not rough or uneven as this can injure feet and create a tripping hazard
  • Heat reflective to avoid burnt feet on hot days
  • If possible, look for material that is resistant to mould, algae and mildew
  • Consider safety barriers that are integrated into your deck

Keeping these in mind, there are a few of the most popular materials used for pool surrounds.


Concrete is a popular choice for pool surrounds because it is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colours. It feels nice underfoot and doesn’t get too hot but it can be slippery when wet. Consider a brushed or textured finish, or add small pebbles or rocks to the mix.

Pavers or Brick

Brick and pavers are another great pool surround choice. They are a budget-safe option and easy to replace and maintain as needed. Durable and neat, the only downside is that moss and weeds can grow in the cracks and become slippery.


Who doesn’t want a beautiful wooden deck around their pool? Depending on your budget, there are various options available but wood requires regular maintenance and care. One big splinter can ruin a day’s swimming, so make sure you take good care of your deck.

Other Options

While the above three are popular choices, they are not the only options available. A few more unique materials are:

  • Stone
  • Mixed materials – mosaics in concrete for example
  • Artificial grass
  • Synthetic decking

The Safest Pool Surrounds

Being safe and looking good doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, and having the safest pool surrounds are proof of this. Now that you have somewhere to start, why not contact Pool Spa today and they can point you in the right direction.