While not a major cause for concern, pool foam can be a pain and detract from the sparkling blue look we’re going for in our swimming pool.

More than just bubbles generated by the pool jets, pool foam is more – well – foamy than it is bubbly. The bubbles have a higher surface tension than ordinary water bubbles and can build up and collect on the surface of the pool. 

But what causes it, and how can we fix it?

Main causes of pool foam

Knowing that pool foam comes mainly from a build-up of organic materials will give us a good idea of the source.

Small amounts of shampoo and conditioner, gels and sprays, body creams and lotions, makeup and perfumes are all dumped rather unceremoniously into the swimming pool water when we dive in. As the weather warms up, we’re going to be making much more use of our pool which means, yes, you guessed it, more toiletries in the water. 

Fabric softeners and washing powder residue add their bit and of course, the usual suspects of shed skin cells, urine, and sweat; it’s easy to see how quickly this foamy substance can be generated. 

Of course, the more bodies in the water, the higher the concentration. 

During the busy swimming season it may not always be feasible to request that everyone have a thorough shower before their swim, (especially if you have a dozen over-excited children to contend with) so what do we do?

The solution to this cause of pool foam is to shock your pool thoroughly and regularly and keep a close eye on the chemical balances during the summer. Your pool pump will have to run a little longer and you may find that you’re using more chlorine as it works hard to keep the water sanitised but consider it preventative maintenance. 

For more information on pool foam and its solution please call into Pool Spa and chat with one of our knowledgeable team.