Whether you’re planning a bespoke swimming pool with a water feature, or you’ve just got space for a small pre-formed fibreglass option, you have probably thought about your pool water colour.

The great thing about all the advancements in pool tech is that you can choose between a deep sea blue or a dark aqua green – or any shade in between.

Once you’ve decided on the hue that you’d prefer, it’s time to chat with your pool experts and work out how to get it.

Choosing Your Pool Water Colour

The main factor you will need to look at is the finish of your pool background.

Obviously, a blue dye will give a blue hue and the colour of your surrounding tiles will enhance this.

But there is a little more to it. Take a look at the area around your swimming pool and consider the following:

  • Is my pool likely to be shaded? This will make the pool colour darker, and a heavily shaded pool will likely show very little colour at all.
  • What colour will my coping and paving around the pool be? Will these be a more natural shade to tie in with my desired colour?

Grass, wall colours, planting or fencing can also affect the colour that you see.

  • Will I have a fountain or other water feature in my pool? Moving water looks different to still water in the sense that it adds sparkle colour variations.
  • How deep will your pool be? The deeper the water, the darker the colour you will see.

If you have a section of your pool which serves as a mini-spa, then you will find that this area looks lighter in colour due to its depth.

Did you know that even a white pool will appear blue? No, it’s not reflecting the sky, rather the water absorbs the red colours in the light spectrum and reflects the blues and greens resulting in the bluey/green hue.

If you’re building or renovating a swimming pool and you want the right look and feel, please contact the Pool Spa team. We know our stuff!