To feel the cool mist on your face as the wind carries the tiny droplets of water in the air; to hear the gentle rush of water as it spurts, gurgles, and murmurs its way over stones and around boulders; to breathe the fresh, moist air – is to enjoy a water fountain.

While some property owners will install a fountain in a garden for its simple beauty, there are others who love the symbolism of water itself.

But, what do fountains symbolise?

There are probably as many answers to this question as there people on this planet. Our personal favourite, though, comes from Japanese lore.

Japan, as a country, gets a lot of rain. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see how heavily water features as a key element in Japanese gardening.

A Japanese garden is all about balance. It is about creating what one would find in nature – and no more. Fountains, streams, and waterfalls all play a key role in a Japanese garden.

Water is used to represent the passage of time or as a means of either spiritual or physical cleansing before entering a home or a temple. Japanese gardens almost always have water and stone – the yin and yang or complementary opposites.

In a traditional Japanese garden, the water features are carefully positioned to attract good fortune. According to the rules of placement of water from the 11th century, water should enter the garden from the east or southeast, and flow towards the west. The east, according to Japanese culture, is the home of the Green Dragon. The west is the home of the White Tiger. This means that water flowing from east to west will carry away evil, granting the owner of the garden a long and healthy life.

A cascade, or waterfall, in a Japanese garden is usually representative of the Japanese mountain streams. If possible, the waterfall or fountain should face toward the moon in order to capture the moon’s reflection in the water. In fact, the moon carries much symbolic weight on its own in Japanese culture.

Whether you love the mystic symbolism of a fountain, or you simply appreciate the tranquillity of the gurgle of water on a warm summer evening, a fountain can satisfy your soul.

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