When your water feature was brand new, you held a fantastic launch party. Remember how you sashayed about with a glass of champagne in hand? That was a month ago. Now, all you hear is water feature noise, and it’s driving you crazy!


We understand. Truly. A reputable company – wink, wink, would have figured out how to reduce water feature noise in your unique situation and told you why it’s not a good idea to place your feature in the corner.


Before we list factors that influence noise levels, though, there’s something else to factor into the noise level equation.

Fountain Facts Affecting Water Feature Noise

  1. Fountain Sound – it’s in the splash. More splash, more noise.
  2. Pump Sound – it’s in the speed. The faster the flow, the louder the noise.
  3. Position Sound – it’s in the acoustics. The closer to the walls, the greater the echo.


Now that that’s spelled out for you, we can expand on other why’s and wherefores.

Water Feature Facts that Influence Noise Levels

First, be sure this is by no means discouraging installing a water feature. Humans react to the sound of water. It alleviates stress, induces calm, and assists sleep. We’re just going to make sure you’re smart about it so that when you sashay about your party guests you can impress with facts that make your water feature fabulous long after everyone’s gone home.

  1. Size Matters: All you have to remember is the bigger or wider your fountain, the further it must fall and the shallower its landing, the louder your water feature noise will be.
  2. Materials Matter:Metal fountains will be louder than their rock and stone cousins. Even cement water features help water to spill over rounded shapes more gently and quietly.
  3. Stream Matters: Single steam water fountains will always be noisier than a tiered feature. You may really want a dramatic single stream, but remember you can run interference by breaking its landing with moving metal or PVC parts. Tiered features have the added benefit of producing multiple watery sounds to soothe those shattered nerves.

The golden rule is to consult with experts first. We want you to be delighted with your water feature. Professionals will assist you to reduce your water feature noise, create variegated sounds and place yours in the perfect spot for noise reduction and relaxation benefits!

Pool Spa is standing by to make your water feature dreams come true.