When last did you visit your trusted pool specialist to discuss your pool filter sand? If you’re having trouble remembering, it’s likely time to change your filter sand. Filter sand has a 3 – 5 year lifespan. Murky pool water is a hint in that direction.

But here’s the oxymoron; the very phenomenon of water passing through sand to trap debris makes the sand useless in the long run. That process is called weathering.

Your question might well be what filter sand is best for your pool? Good question, as new ideas and products have been introduced since your last purchase.

Three Types Of Filter Sand

A sidebar word; never use ordinary building sand or sand-pit sand to filter your pool water. It will damage our filtration system in no time. Temptation over? Good! Here are the three you can choose from.

Glass Filter Sand

Predictably made from crushed recycled glass, this pool filter sand captures tiny microns of debris. If you have an algae problem, for example, this is the right filter sand for you. It boasts a 3-5 micron filtration capability.

Silicone Quartz Sand

This naturally occurring product manufactured from crushed quartz is better known as Silica pool filter sand. Although currently the most popular and inexpensive filter sand, its filtration capacity registers at 20 microns. Just so you know.

Zeolite Filter Sand

Nothing much passes this pool filter sand sourced from pure volcanic rock. More than that, Zeolite uniquely helps with chlorine balance in pool water. It reduces red burning eyes and being can be renewed and reused. Also called Clinobrite, it is the newest ‘kid on the block’ and boasts a more than ample 10-micron filtration capability.

Final Checks For Your Pool Filter Sand

As the last word and before you rush out to get yourself a mega amount of pool filter sand, check your filter recommendation. If that’s long disappeared from view, contact your trusty pool specialist for help.

Too much of any filter sand will either deliver excess sand into your pool or burn the motor out – or both! But if you’ve read this far, that isn’t going to happen to you.

The team at PoolSpa are well equipped to assist you with all your pool and filtration requirements. Give us a call on 011 793 1381.