Choreographed water fountains are one of the most spectacular features you can put just about anywhere. Whether it is in a garden or the local shopping centre, they have a special kind of magic about them.

They are a popular choice to add to big commercial projects and are often placed where people can sit and look at them for hours on end. If you are looking to pull guests or visitors, then this is a great way to do it!

Before you get excited and rush out and buy all the parts, let’s look at the processes of choreographed water fountains.

Creating a Choreographed Water Fountain

While there are various components to creating these beautiful pieces, here are a few major steps in the process. Because of how they are designed, they do benefit from a professional eye.

Fountain Nozzles

These determine the flow of water and are divided into five main groups, with each one doing something different with the water. You don’t have to only choose one option, and the design you place them in creates the magic.

Water Pumps

The pumps keep the water flowing throughout the system, and again there are various options such as dry or submersible depending on what you want. You also need to consider the pump nozzles, the power of the pump and how it is controlled.

Solenoid Valves

These valves are responsible for what can be shut down and how the water interacts – basically it is the dynamic part of the fountain. Depending on the project, all pumps can have them, or only certain ones.

The Lights

A large part of the magic comes from coloured LED lights in the water. They are controlled with a DMX controller which determines how they synchronize with the water or music of the fountain.

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