Keeping a swimming pool sparkling blue can often feel like a full-time job, and everywhere you look there are different chemicals for all sorts of pool related problems. Algaecide is one of these products.

Algaecide is used to control the growth of slime mould and various types of algae, as well as many other nasties that may consider taking up residence in your swimming pool. It is generally used as a shock treatment and is usually copper-based, using copper sulphates or copper chelates. The idea behind it is that the high levels of chemicals used to disrupt the cellular growth process of the algae.

Is It Safe For Humans?

While algaecide is a high dosage of chemicals, most brands are safe to humans and you should be able to swim in your pool within an hour or so of treatments. This should give the chemicals time to disperse evenly, but always follow instructions carefully and if unsure, speak to a professional for more advice.

As most algaecides are copper-based as mentioned before, there is always the risk of hair discolouration if you swim too soon after a treatment, so bear this in mind after dosing your pool. The chemicals can also cause skin or eye irritation, so while the product may note it is safe to swim immediately you may still want to consider waiting a couple of hours before venturing into the water.

Types Of Treatment

While there are many options when it comes to treating algae in your pool, the tow most common algaecide options are long life and regular.

Long-life treatment is a dose done at the beginning of the swimming season that lasts through, while regular treatment requires a pool to be dosed with algaecide every couple of weeks. 

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