What goes through your mind when you read the words diatomaceous earth? If it’s something you’ve never heard of before, it’s easy to think that it might relate to dinosaurs.

Diatomaceous earth powder has an important function in your swimming pool, and its cool name comes from its prehistoric nature.

So, get ready for a quick science lesson on diatomaceous earth powder, and what it does for your swimming pool.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth Powder?

Diatoms are the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms. Over time diatoms accumulate in the natural sediment of water sources. These diatomic deposits are rich in a mineral compound called silica, which is mined from the sediment of oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Did you know that silica makes up 26% of the earth’s crust by weight?

Silica reacts with oxygen and water to create silicon dioxide. We get two naturally occurring forms of silicon dioxide; crystalline and amorphous. Silicon dioxide, in its various forms, is what we use to make diatomaceous earth powder (source).

How It’s Used

You can use diatomaceous earth powder in a few different ways. Here are some examples:

  • A natural pesticide that kills insects without harming beneficial earthworms
  • As an abrasive ingredient in toothpaste, scrubs, and polishes
  • In hydroponics as a growing medium for plants
  • Water filtration

Diatomaceous earth is composed of 80% to 90% silica. The powder is what makes it so useful in our swimming pools since it traps the smallest of particles while water can flow through it freely.

There are three different systems to choose from when it comes to pool filtration. You can get sand, cartridge, or D.E. filters. Most experts suggest that diatomaceous earth is the most effective filtering material used in swimming pools.

What if you’re replacing the powder in your D.E. pool filter and happen to notice some unwanted pests in your garden? Don’t be tempted to share the diatomaceous earth from your pool filter with your flower beds! You get food-grade and filter-grade, so just make sure you’re using the right product for your application.

You see, the diatomaceous earth that goes into your pool has been calcinated. This makes the powder work better as a filter, but it also increases its toxicity. When you use any diatomaceous products it’s important that you follow the directions for use. Remember, it is a chemical compound that could cause damage if it’s not used with care.

Powder for Your Pool

Diatomaceous earth powder is a valuable natural resource and it’s great for your pool! When it comes to pool filtration, it’s the best system you can get.

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