For many people, home is where the heart is and enhancing the beauty of one’s home has positive psychological benefits on how we feel about our living space. Installing great lighting not only enhances our sense of tranquillity and serenity indoors, but it can extend our enjoyment of the outdoor landscape at night too. This can make it more attractive by highlighting shapes and textures.

Lighting the exterior or interior of a swimming pool or a fountain could thus extend beyond just a few practical waterproof lights. With the availability of coloured lights designed especially for pools and fountains, combined with DMX lighting controls, it is possible to set various moods and add an awe-inspiring architectural lighting element to outdoor spaces both at home and in a commercial setting.

What is DMX Lighting?

A Digital Multiplex or DMX control system is a communication protocol used to control lighting. The DMX system was originally developed in 1986 to control stage lighting in theatres. The signal is unidirectional, meaning it travels in one direction, from a controller or first light, extending through to the last light in the sequence.

DMX consists of many individual channels which are known as a “Universe” with each channel or channels assigned to control different parameters. These parameters are often referred to as “The personality of a light” because they control its colour, rotation, and strobe. DMX lighting and controls make it possible to create spectacular lighting scenes in pools or fountains by singling out lights individually or in groups.

Many top-class hotels, malls and water resorts work hand in hand with landscape architects to include DMX lighting controls to set different moods using lighting as well as showcase high-tech light and music displays in their fountains or wave pools to entertain their clientele and the general public.

Spectacular displays of DMX lighting in South Africa, all down to the knowledgeable installation skills of the Pool Spa and Filtration contracts team, can be seen at Monte Casino, Silverstar Casino and Menlyn Mall to name a few.

Pool Spa’s installation of a high-tech choreographed musical fountain which is illuminated at night with 64 coloured lights at the Waterfall Park at the Mall of Africa is a particular stand-out.

Pool Spa knows their stuff. Chat to one of their friendly experts today about installing DMX lighting and controls for your swimming pool or fountain. This will certainly revitalise and enhance your outdoor landscape whether at home or commercially.

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