If you are a water baby, at some point you will experience swimmers hair, if you are not already familiar with it. But what exactly is the cause of swimmers hair, and what can be done about it?

Unless you have gone the eco pool route, all swimming pools have chemicals in them in varying degrees. These chemicals react to the oils in your hair and strip away the natural protection that they offer, leaving the hair cuticle to expose to damage. 

Is Certain Hair More Susceptible?

Healthy hair is much less likely to be damaged by pool chemicals, but coloured hair or hair that has been permed or heat-treated is much more susceptible to UV or chemical damage. UV rays damage the proteins in the hair, causing hair to become brittle and split at the ends. This creates the frazzled, faded look associated with swimmers hair.

How To Prevent Swimmers Hair

Other than keeping your hair as healthy as possible, there are a number of another way to prevent, or at least reduce swimmers hair during the summer months.

  • Wet your hair before you get into the pool. This may sound like odd advice, but soaking your hair before you go swimming makes it less likely to absorb excess chemicals.
  • Tie your up your hair. If it is long enough, keep your hair tied up while swimming. This limits the time it is in the water and exposed to the chemicals.
  • Wear a swimming cap. As unfashionable as they may be, swimming caps keep the chemicals from your hair. Find a funky looking one and rock it!
  • Use a leave-in conditioner. This helps add a layer of protection, but it is not great for the pool so limit the times you use this option.
  • Clean hair immediately after swimming. Shampoo and condition your hair right after getting out of the pool to limit the time the chemicals have contact with your hair. Consider a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week if you spend large amounts of time in the water. 

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