Public or commercial pools are such a great addition to any community. They offer a fun mix of fitness, sport, and family time in a safe and happy environment.

While your needs may run on the side of fun, many commercial pool owners have to pay careful attention to the water temperature. Competitive swimmers will often use public or commercial pools for training and you may be surprised to know that there are some pretty stringent guidelines dictating the water temperature.

FINA is the International Swimming Federation based in Switzerland, and they determine the rules and regulations for competitive water sports around the world. Both standard and Olympic competition requires a water temperature of between 25 – 28 degrees C. Polo, synchronised swimming and diving have their own set of temperature variants around this mark.

Does the water temperature really make a difference?

Evidently so. Warmer water is less dense and therefore produces less friction for swimmers. However, water that is too warm can result in muscle cramps, overheating and dehydration. In a commercial pool which may be used for recreation, a temperature warmer than 29 degrees C provides an unhealthy breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

Water that is too cold can shock the system and can prove dangerous for swimmers with heart problems. Medical reasons aside – who wants to immerse themselves in an icy pool and lose the feeling in their extremities?

So the guys at FINA have a valid point: A water temperature of around 26-28 degrees C is a healthy and pleasant one for everyone.

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