We think that the quest for the perfect pool temperature is part science and part personal preference.  You see, on a blistering hot day, all we want is to dive headfirst into a refreshingly cold pool. However, when we’ve planned a night swim, we’d prefer the pool water to be little warmer.

However, the best pool temperature depends largely on how you use your swimming pool.

Swimming for Sport

Competitive swimmers prefer training in cooler swimming pools between 25 -27˚C. As we know, vigorous exercise increases our body temperature, and when doing laps in a warmer pool, swimmers may find that they get headaches or experience discomfort.

However, if you’ve got small children and you’re teaching them to swim, then a warmer temperature of around 28 – 29˚C is best. This allows their little bodies to stay warm and comfortable while they’re mastering this new art.

Pool Temperature for Seniors

If you’ve ever jumped into a swimming pool and felt the icy cold suck the air out of your lungs, you’ll appreciate why we recommend warmer water for older swimmers. A temperature of around 30˚C is ideal to avoid shocking the system and is also beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. Warm water helps to relax the muscles and the buoyancy of the water relieves the stress on joints.

For the average family who enjoy a casual swim over the weekend, the most comfortable temperature will hover around 27-29˚C.

It’s worth noting that algae also prefer warmer water, and temperatures above 29˚C allow them to thrive. Granted, cooler water won’t eliminate them altogether, but it will slow down their growth.

You’ve no doubt got your own thoughts on the perfect pool temperature. Whatever your preference, we can help to keep your pool perfect for you and your family. Call in to your nearest Pool Spa for advice or pool products.