What are you looking for in a swimming pool design? Something bespoke for tranquillity and peace? Or, do you want to enhance the beauty and value of your outdoor area?

Of course, your design choices will depend on the intended use of your pool.

Have you considered a natural pool? There’s slightly more to it than creating your own backyard waterfall.

Defining Your Design

There are a few interpretations of a natural pool.

For many people, it means creating a look that blends in with the existing surroundings. Or, creating a softer, more customised pool design than the clichéd blue pool on a green lawn.

However, a true Natural Pool is a new swimming pool design concept. This approach brings eco-friendly, sustainable elements into your backyard experience.

Regardless of the type of swimming you do, a natural pool can be both functional and uniquely beautiful.

Your Perfect Natural Pool

A natural pool is an opportunity to create a peaceful space with a more authentic, South African feel.

Whatever your style, landscaping design factors will ensure that your pool is in keeping with the rest of your garden. You could incorporate existing materials such as local stone and indigenous plants. You might also include certain capricious elements. Think of a subtly formed pathway and wooden features that develop a balanced, organic feel.

You’ll find that the construction of a natural pool comes with a variety of benefits. For example, natural pools are typically characterised by dark coloured pool liners. This retains the warmth of the pool water, which in turn saves energy.

Another great thing is that you can go completely chemical-free. This is better for your health, the environment, and your pocket.

Beautiful Benefits

A true natural pool mimics existing ecosystems. A regeneration section serves as a natural filter that imitates the cleaning process of a wetland. Instead of chemicals, aquatic plants do the job. Their root systems clean the water, filtering out bacteria.

You don’t actually need chlorine. Pumps keep the water in constant circulation. And, Bio Filters remove further contaminants.

Since upkeep is essentially gardening, natural pools are easier to maintain. You don’t need to buy chlorine products or worry about pH balancing. You get a wild swimming experience that is closer to nature. And it’s beneficial for the environment too.

A natural pool can be as fancy as you like. It doesn’t have to be a complex design. As long as it has the key characteristics, it can be very simple, yet still look beautiful and cost less long term.

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