Water features and xeriscaping are not mutually exclusive. That is awesome news. Humans respond well to the sound of moving water. It has aesthetic appeal and soothes our frayed nerves after a day on the job.

Xeriscaping a.k.a. water-wise landscaping is a global trend in the light of future anticipated water shortages. South Africa is no different but that doesn’t mean you can’t design smart water features for your home or office environment.

Sheet Water Features

While the ideas of fountains, water balls, and various other squirting water options are still popular, the trend for sheets of falling water is taking over fast. Sheets of water create a visual impact that catches prisms of light in an ever-changing kaleidoscope.

For commercial buildings, wall features displaying sheets of pouring water become landmark water features that describe and define.

As a room divider or wall divider, indoor wall-based water features are built between two glass panels so water doesn’t even splash on the floor. For outdoor water features, sheets of rainwater fall from a free-standing frame.


We love these ideas:

1.   Wall Sheets

A water feature on a wall with catchment areas below in sheets rather than a fountain delivers a wow factor. Flat sheets of water cascading against an interesting wall can spotlight featured backgrounds.

Lights behind wall sheets and water features can create a spectacular nighttime fantasy.

2.   Sheet Fountains

Instead of the traditional spouting fountain idea, sheets of water exiting a fountain design add a brand new dimension.

Designers have come up with all sorts of fun ways to create water fountains that fall like sheets of water. Play around with indoor applications for your guest handbasin, your jacuzzi, shower, or bath.

3.   Poolside Table

We’ve saved the best for last because this idea is a visual masterpiece. Use a built-in poolside table, as long as you like, with water exiting the wall at the opposite end of the pool, flowing through a glass tabletop, and exiting in a flat sheet into the pool. An indoor application could also be fabricated for a dining room with an indoor water feature on one end and water running through the length of the tabletop.

When it comes to water features, you may have your own ideas. Don’t settle for anything less, speak to pool experts with years of experience to help transform your dream into reality.