Is the water level in your garden pond slowly dropping? We may put it down to evaporation and top it up every so often, but there is the real possibility that your pond is leaking.

Cement ponds, in particular, may crack over time and need a little TLC. Thankfully, there are several products on the market which are easy to use and can waterproof your pond super-quick.

If your pond is housing fish and plant life, then you will want to make totally sure that the solution you choose is non-toxic and long-lasting.

Waterproofing Your Pond with Hydro Seal

We like the Hydro Seal products which are an excellent place to start to waterproof a cement pond.

This is a two-part system which blends powders, activating chemicals, fillers and an excellent bonding agent.

The manufacturers say, “It penetrates the surface through moisture absorption and reacts with the free lime forming a hard crystalline material which blocks the pores against water penetration and becomes an integral part of the structure.

“It provides positive and negative waterproofing against dampness and groundwater as well as hydrostatic pressure.”

It can, therefore, be used as grout, in basements and tunnels, sewage tanks, manholes and of course, ponds.

The key benefit of using Hydro Seal in your pond is that it is non-toxic so won’t harm your valuable Koi or any other animal life which takes up residence in the water.

Alternate Waterproofing Options

Some feel that a cement pond is simply too much work and prefer to work with precast ponds or make use of strong plastic lines – both of which are great options for fishponds.

Depending on the soil type, some may choose to compact the soil with heavy-duty equipment, or to use lime, a natural product which helps to bind the soil into lime concrete.

Bentonite is another popular option. One comment on the advantages of bentonite states, “Bentonite is a natural clay pond sealer. When exposed to water it expands up to 15 times and creates an effective seal in a cracked surface. Keep in mind that bentonite should be sprinkled directly on the cracked surface only when the pond is dry. It does not work immediately but takes a few days and slowly seals the leak.”

Whatever your needs are, whether you are waterproofing your pond or designing a new one for your garden, the Pool Spa team are here to help.

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