Most of us with swimming pools are aware of the dangers of having small children and pets around. Anyone can fall into the pool at any time, no matter how vigilant you are.

While there are many simple pool safety options such as fences and nets or pool covers, there are also various pool safety technologies out there to add an extra layer of protection to your swimming pool.

Personal Immersion Detectors

Personal immersion detectors come in a few different forms. The most popular options are wristbands, but you can also get ones that can be worn as headbands or attached to googles for older children or adults.

How They Work

Each of these pool safety devices comes with an electronic signature – some active a central hub, and some activate a secondary device which can be worn by you are a parent/caregiver or even a lifeguard if you are swimming in a public place.

The alarm is activated either when the swimmer is submerged for too long or even enters the water (for older wearers) or enters the water (toddlers and younger children).

Poolside Alarm Systems

Various alarm systems can be mounted around your swimming pool to increase the level of pool safety. Many can be put into sleep mode when the pool is in use and activated when not.

Wall or Fence Mounted

These are installed alongside your pool and are activated when anything crosses the beams. While they give you a great response time, they can be evaded by smaller pets and determined children!

Pool Mounted

These are installed in your pool and work through infrared detectors. They are activated as soon as a large object enters the water. They are very effective but give less time to respond.

Floatation Devices

Floatation devices can be worn by small children when in and around the pool. With today’s technology in pool safety, you can buy devices that automatically adjust themselves as the child gets stronger and more confident.

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