Unlike swimming pools, which usually have automatic pool cleaners to suck up sunken debris off the bottom before it rots and affects the quality of the water, ponds need to be regularly skimmed of surface leaves, twigs, grass and other debris before they sink to the bottom. A pond is a closed system, and therefore a dirt trap, so any foreign matter will affect the water balance if not timeously filtered out. Sunken debris soon fouls the water and becomes pond scum, which is almost impossible to remove without draining the entire pond.

This is where the careful placement of a pond skimmer will save you a lot of time and hassle. A skimmer can be place anywhere in your pond, as long as the current in the water encourages debris to float naturally into it. As it does so, it gets captured and left behind in the filter basket.

There are certain factors to consider when installing a pond skimmer, including:

Ease Of Access – if you have a lot of trees close to your pond, you will need to empty the skimmer basket fairly frequently. Make sure you can get to your skimmer easily in order to do this.

Flow Rate – choose a skimmer with a similar flow rate to your pump. This has two benefits: firstly, to ensure that it can keep up with your pump, and secondly, if you decide to increase the size or your pond, or add a waterfall, for example, you have a little wiggle room in your skimmer capacity.

Durability – although not such a critical consideration in South African conditions, low quality plastics become brittle in cold weather, and can perish easily. Buy the best pond skimmer you can afford to ensure long-lasting and trouble-free service.

Fish Safety – if you’re going to have Koi or other fish in your pond, you must install some kind of protection at the skimmer intake to stop fish getting sucked into, and caught inside.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to properly assess your needs and make sure you pick a pond skimmer that is best suited to your particular pond. It really is the best and most efficient way to reduce maintenance and keep the water safe for plants and fish.

Pool Spa and Filtration Supplies stocks a variety of pond skimmers to suit every need. Why not ask one of our friendly and expert staff which one is best for you?