Just as in our bodies, our swimming pools need good circulation in order to maintain their sparkle. If you find that your pool gets cloudy pretty quickly, or your suction cleaner seems to be working overtime to keep the walls and floor clean, you may well have a problem with your pool circulation.

The Importance Of Circulation in your Swimming Pool

The direction and flow of water in your pool is an important element in maintaining its cleanliness. All too often, pool owners blame their pool equipment for the murky water, but the issue lies elsewhere. Your filter – a key line of defence in keeping the lurgies out of your pool – can only clean water that actually runs through it. Obviously, you may say. Yet if your pump is not working efficiently (or may be the wrong size for your pool), or if the flow of your water doesn’t allow for most of the water to be circulated, then logically there will be “patches” where dirt and debris will collect.

A properly functioning pump and filter work seamlessly to suck and clean water, as well as effectively spread the chemicals throughout the pool.

So, what can you do to ensure efficient pool circulation?

Pool Circulation Checklist

Jets and skimmers

Ideally, your jets, which return clean water to your pool, should be multidirectional. If you only have one return jet, then try and angle it to push the water towards the skimmer and downwards. This will push the water from the floor of the pool upwards to be circulated and cleaned. If you have two or more jets then position them to reach as much of the pool water as possible, while pushing it toward the skimmer.

Dead areas

Depending on the shape of your pool, you may have areas of poor circulation which tend to get mucky pretty quick. These “dead zones” will need regular brushing in order to keep them clean.

Suction cleaners

While your Kreepy may well be your best friend, it can put a strain on your pump as it limits the water flow into the circulation system. It’s always a good idea to let your pump just run without the attachments for a few days in the week, and let the water run through the filter uninterrupted.

Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule and making sure that your pool circulation is optimised will mean less work for you, and a sparkling pool for the family. Happy swimming!