Why we humans love water features has a lot to do with a deep comprehension that we need water to live. The moment we see a body of water, it subconsciously relaxes us because we know our survival is not at risk.

Modern life detaches us from nature. Water features provide a powerful connection with the great outdoors and the benefits to people are subjects of ongoing studies. So, now that you know water features would benefit the mental and emotional well-being of yourself, your family, and your workmates you’re up to organize it, right?

Your wisdom is commendable and we’re here to tell you how easy it is for you to do just that.

Clever Indoor Water Features

Applying both to homes and offices, indoor water features will always contribute to better moods and therefore better human interaction.

The traditional fish tank has long been used to being water indoors and provides endless fascination. Now, an indoor wall can become a fish tank with less effort than you think. Don’t let the thought of a noisy water pump deter you. Fountain pumps for indoor applications can be placed in soundproof spaces by smart suppliers who understand your needs.

Indoor waterfall features or simple fountains in strategic places work well. But even a simple desk water feature that does not require a pump will save your sanity if the boss isn’t open to installing an office feature.

Wonderful large jars with a good surface area, support fish and water plants and work incredibly well to simulate the pond effect of still water.

Unusual Outdoor Water Features

Release your inner artist and make a water feature using a wheelbarrow and pebbles. Arrange two or three descending watering cans finally delivering water to a receptacle below. Simple water basins and stylish walls of running water will fascinate you and provide the serenity that water seems to bring humans.

Outdoor water fountain features will need a pump, but that is no longer a nightmare.  In SA, reliable water pump suppliers can sort that out for you in no time.

Supply this magical touch of nature at home and your place of work. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like because the effect will be the same. Tranquillity, peace, and a feeling of security that all is well are emotions that support a positive outlook. Think of all the good you can generate, just by adding a water feature.

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