If you’re looking to create that “wow” factor in your home or office, then you should certainly consider a rain curtain.

What exactly is a rain curtain, and how does it work?

What is a Rain Curtain?

Have you ever stood in an elevated spot and watched a storm approaching? It’s an incredibly beautiful and slightly awe-inspiring sight to watch as the clouds burst open and a sheet of silver seems to gently float down in an opaque wall of water. 

In much the same way, engineers have discovered several ways to replicate this stunning natural phenomenon in a more controlled way.

A rain curtain is a water feature which can be installed indoors, outdoors or in commercial spaces and atriums. The water is channelled to run down a wall of glass or clear Perspex,  giving the appearance of a fine waterfall. 

Gullies or channels at the bottom of the feature collect the water and recycle it back into the system to fall again. 

Why Choose a Rain Curtain?

A rain curtain makes a breath-taking feature – although most water features bring calm and beauty to a space.  

It can be used to separate an outdoor space, to offer a degree of privacy and of course to beautify and add charm to an area. The low noise level and reduced “splash” means that it does not contribute to noise levels, rather it provides a tranquil “white noise” which our ears find restful and enjoyable.

A water curtain, as it’s also known, can be crafted to fit almost any application. 

From a small, narrow space to a curved, three-story column of falling water, these incredible additions to your space are guaranteed to bring a certain serenity and allure.

Because the sight and sound of falling water are associated with soothing, healthy living, we are likely to find them in a spa, a natural therapist’s venue or in areas featuring a green or organic lifestyle.

Have you been considering a rain curtain? If so, then you’ll be excited to see the options that the team at Pool Spa have for you. Why not give us a call now?