Among the reasons for needing pool bladders, is the conservation of precious resources. Valid reasons for draining a pool are not that many. Over the years TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) does get to a point where filtering them out doesn’t happen and you wonder why your pool chemistry seems to be going berserk. By all means, empty the pool, lose the water – we’ll talk a little about the dos and don’ts on that in a bit, and fill it afresh.


For the rest of the time, including the pool repair and renovation sessions we love doing in the winter months, the golden rule is ‘Don’t lose the water!’ Besides, using in your garden is likely to kill your plants given its chlorination content, and sending it down the municipal drainage could end up harming delicate eco-systems that stormwater drains feed.

Pool Bladders and Water Conservation

Here is a fun fact: In SA, municipal water is also the drinkable water resource for many more than the minority group who can afford bottled water and filtration systems. That’s the resource we’re using to fill up our pools. That water deserves to be viewed as precious and pool bladders can make that happen as we shall see.

Think of it this way, in the Cape water crisis, homes were challenged to get by on 50 litres of municipal water per person per day. Every time we empty out an average-sized pool of say 30 000 litters, we have deprived someone of their water allotment for a year and 4 months. Nuff said.

Pool Bladders Win the Day

Once we understand that we can save our pool water, we don’t have to feel bad about having a pool in times of water shortage or restrictions. We will want the neighbours to see the clever spaceship-like pool bladder sprawled across the lawn while we renovate our pool. No more sneaky running pool water down the road into the drainage pipes in the dead of night people!

The best part about saving swimming pool water in a pool bladder is that it can be set up in like, five minutes and taken down in 15, and then stored away for next time. It’s a pure Nashua ‘saving you time, saving you money’ win-win. The condition of the water you drain out into a pool bladder is restored to your pool exactly as you had perfected it.

We understand the DIY guys out there, still working their way out of lockdown restrictions, are likely to want to drain their pools and do their planned renovations in the winter themselves. But we can’t stand by and watch them struggle without saying that we recommend professional guidance at the very least.

At best, hand the project over completely to the dudes who understand the hidden intricacies of emptying and the brilliance of pool bladders.