Have you ever wondered why your morning shower feels so good? It’s not just because it washes the sleep out of your eyes. Falling water – from waterfalls, fountains and yes, even your morning shower – releases negative ions into the air. And this is one time when something negative is actually something really positive!

When there are more negative ions than positive ions in our immediate environment, it has a significantly positive effect on our physical and mental well-being. Our blood pressure lowers, blood flow and oxygen to our cells increases and breathing slows, making us feel relaxed and calm. Having more oxygen in our blood means all our metabolic functions are performed more efficiently, and this directly effects our mood.

Studies show that hospital patients whose wards look out over natural landscapes – especially those featuring some kind of falling water – recover faster from surgery and need less pain medication. And after a stressful experience, looking at a natural landscape helps your blood pressure return to normal faster than if you look at an urban vista.

This is why so many people are choosing to add a water feature or fountain to their gardens or courtyards. Experts agree they’re wonderful for reducing stress and improving your overall health.

And it’s not just looking at a water feature that’s beneficial. Even just the sound of falling water has the ability to calm our minds, heal and inspire us.

Another aspect of water features that guarantees happiness is the fact that they are extremely low maintenance. They don’t have to be cleaned out, as the continually circulating water means bacteria and algae don’t get a chance to grow.

Water features take up very little space, and there are so many different shapes, sizes and designs available that there is definitely one to suit your garden, no matter how little space you have.

They’re also great for attracting birds to your garden, and you’ll soon have new, feathered friends coming daily to drink and bathe.

Why not come and talk to the experts at Pool Spa & Filtration Supplies about what you need to get your water feature up and running, and start feeling happier today!