This is a common question for people who either want to renovate a home for resale or who are pondering whether they’ll get their money back if they invest in a swimming pool for their home.

There’s no easy answer to this, as much of the value of a property comes down to individual choice. But let’s look at the facts and try to determine a way forward.

Property Value in Rands and Cents

It’s difficult to put a number on this, but the general answer is Yes, a swimming pool will increase the value of your property. In fact, a study performed by a U.S. realtor determined that an in-ground swimming pool will increase your property value by 4 – 6%.

The sums you have to do will then be established if the cost of installing a swimming pool will balance this equation in your favour.

Family Life

The value of a pool lies not only in its monetary value but also in the fun and entertainment it affords a family. If you are a family with small children then a swimming pool provides that something extra for weekend activities, parties, and family braais.

Having a pool at home is a major plus when teaching young ones to swim, saving you the hassle of trekking back and forth from swimming lessons.


A pool with the shape and size to provide a space for swimming laps or which allows for aqua sports is invaluable. From little children who get a dose of sunshine and cardio from an afternoon in the pool to elderly ones who benefit from a gentle early morning swim, a swimming pool is an amazing way to stay fit.

So while the balance sheet may have an answer for you as to whether your swimming pool is going to add value to your property, don’t forget to chalk up the benefits of socialising, exercising and enjoying time with your family in the social hub of the swimming pool.